Currently, there are multiple communication networks in building automation, such as Modbus for HVAC, BACnet for access control, LonWorks for lighting, and Ethernet for fire safety.  However, integrating these networks requires gateways to perform protocol conversion to incorporate networks into building automation control systems, significantly increasing the complexity of use and maintenance.

The use of single-pair Ethernet (SPE) can solve the above problems.  The entire building automation system uses Ethernet communication to simplify the entire network system, making installation, commissioning, and maintenance more convenient.  Using PoDL on the SPE can provide a maximum power of 52W to the load, enabling long-distance transmission and simplifying building automation system’s wiring.  In addition, using only one twisted pair reduces the cost and weight of the cable, making it easier to route.

Kungao Xinxin Micro provides PHY chips and gateway chips that comply with IEEE802.3ch and IEEE802.3 standards.

  • KG7XXX Series (PHY Chip)