On the road to the Industrial Internet, industrial networks will gradually shift from traditional fieldbuses to industrial Ethernet.  The use of Industrial Ethernet ensures accurate and reliable data transfer throughout the industrial application process, ensuring seamless connection of industrial sites and improving operational efficiency.  At the same time, provides a technical foundation for the integration of traditional OT and IT networks, breaks the traditional closed protocol industry model dominated by some manufacturers, improves the connectivity and versatility of industrial equipment, and provides a platform for the integration of big data analysis and intelligent digital systems.  The new business provides a faster development path, making the industrial Internet network technology and industrial ecology more open and dynamic.

As a supplier of industrial Ethernet chip solutions, Kungao Xinxin Micro provides industrial-grade TSN switching chips, TSN gateway chips and PHY chips.  Support the latest TSN technical standards, support 10M/100M/1000M transmission rate, in line with IEEE 802.3.cg, 802.3.bw, 802.3.bp standards.

  • KG7XXX Series (PHY Chip)

  • KG6XXX Series (TSN switch chip)

  • KG5XXX Series (TSN gateway chip)