There are multiple communication networks in rail transit used for train control,  track signal, Integrated monitoring, passenger information and other systems.  These  networks are now commonly used in CAN, Modbus, and Profibus, and other communication methods, which have bandwidth limitations and require gateways for protocol conversion.  At the same time, the requirements of high-speed railways for train network systems are constantly increasing, and especially modern trains are equipped with more and more intelligent systems to achieve more High performance, better safety, lower energy consumption, and high comfort demands.  These changes present many challenges for train manufacturers,  operators, and system integrators.

The industry considers the TSN Ethernet the future development trend of rail transit Ethernet.  Applying TSN technology to the train control system can meet the low latency and high-reliability requirements of periodic key data transmission such as bearing temperature and speed measurement sensors; applied to the station control system, it can form a TSN high-reliability redundant network to achieve high-quality transmission of data between the controller and the SCADA system; through the integration of TSN and 5G network, realize the high time synchronization of the train and station control ends, and  the low delay of communication.

Kungao Xinxin can provide TSN switching chips and PHY chip solutions for rail transit.

  • KG7XXX Series (PHY Chip)

  • KG6XXX Series (TSN switch chip)