In order to promote the strategic decision to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the new power system will take new energy as the main supply and develop towards a clean, digital, and intelligent direction.  The sharp increase in business data in the intelligent digital grid places more stringent requirements on the real-time and reliability of sensing and control information.  The use of Ethernet technology based on time-sensitive networks can solve the contradiction between large-flow data and real-time performance in the power grid: improve the synchronization accuracy of each device to nanoseconds, reduce the forwarding delay of data streams to microseconds, and ensure the low jitter of the delay, at the same time, ensures high reliable transmission through technologies such as redundant transmission.

Smart Substation

Build a TSN time-sensitive  network in the substation to achieve nanosecond synchronization of protection,  measurement, and control equipment, and provide low-latency and low-jitter Ethernet  services for the station control layer, interval layer, and process layer.

Distributed new energy

TSN time-sensitive network can provide communication support for application scenarios such as synchronous measurement, real-time protection and control, and deterministic transmission networks for new energy equipment such as photovoltaics, wind power, energy storage, electric energy routers, and new energy vehicle charging piles in access to AC/DC power grids.

Kungao Xinxin Micro provides TSN switching chips and PHY chips, supports the latest TSN technical standards, and provides switches that meet the national grid standards replacement plan.

  • KG7XXX Series (PHY Chip)

  • KG6XXX Series (TSN switch chip)